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    I have a form in MS Access 2003 which I view my client information wither address there (Client Name and Address are two separate table represented here through a query table). I have one Combo List where I can search and choose the ID of certain Client but when I choose form the list the values in the rest of the form does not change regarded to my selection<BR>How can I make this happen? Choose my ID and view all the information related to that ID.<BR><BR>Thank you, <BR><BR>

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    Default You're better off posting this... a MS Access specific discussion board - and not here. This board is dealing with database questions in relation to ASP, ASP.Net, etc.<BR><BR>However, I think what you want is fairly easy. You need to set up an event handler for the onChange event of your combo list which gets the relevant values and changes the form fields. Just remember, if the form is linked to a table (or query), you will change the current record.<BR><BR>If you want to go to the relevant record instead, you need to set up an unbound combo box and then let the onChange event do a find.<BR><BR>As I said, go to an MS Access forum or get a good book.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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