Hi there,<BR><BR>I am new to regular expressions and would like someone to help me with a regular expression for extracting the image file names within a HTML file.<BR><BR>So for example, if the following tag is in the HTML file:<BR><BR>&#060;img src="/images/homesplash.gif" width="405" height="85"&#062;<BR><BR>I would like to be able to extract "homesplash.gif" and any other .gif, .jpg, .jpe, and .png files (both upper and lower case extensions). I am NOT interested in the folder or URL structure preceding the image filename. It is purely the image file name I am after.<BR><BR>Please note that any other attributes may appear between "img" and "src".<BR><BR>I thank you in advance. Your feedback will greatly assist me in my understanding of regular expressions and will enable me to attempt some more complex ones on my own.<BR><BR>Vince<BR>