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    Default Unzipping using ASP

    I have built a page which allows a user to upload a zip file. This zip file contains a dbf file that I will use later. I am trying to find a way to unzip the file and place the dbf file in a directory on the server. I have found some scripts that include dll&#039;s that have not worked for me. I am looking for other ways to accomplish this. Is it possible using script only? my provider is giving me a hassle about registering ActiveX controls on the server.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Dan

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    Default No, I think unzipping...

    ...is just too complex to be handled in VBScript. I&#039;ve certainly never seen one written in any scripting language.<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: No, I think unzipping...

    well, theoretically it could be done of course, but can you imagine how dog slow it&#039;d be? whew.<BR><BR>

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