OK everyone,<BR><BR>I have create a form that shows 1 record where you can edit the 3 of the 5 fields. If you click the submit button, then any changes to any of the 3 fields should be accepted. If you click the submit button, the page post and refreshes itself without ERRORS (using try-catch & response.write to show exceptions), however no changes are made to the database.<BR><BR>Here is the code:<BR><BR>//Note: connSTR is a Connection String defined earlier in the code. It works fine.<BR><BR>string SQL = "Select * FROM Client WHERE ClientID = " + txtClientID.Text + "&#039;";<BR>OleDbConnection Conn = new OleDbConnection(connSTR);<BR>OleDbCommand myComm = new OleDbCommand(SQL,Conn);<BR>OleDbDataAdapter myDA = new OleDbDataAdapter(myComm);<BR>OleDbCommandBuilder myCB = new OleDbCommandBuilder(myDA);<BR>DataSet rs = new DataSet();<BR><BR>try <BR>{<BR> myDA.Fill(rs,"Client");<BR> rs.Tables["Client"].Rows[0]["FirstName"] = txtFirstName.Text<BR> rs.Tables["Client"].Rows[0]["LastName"] = txtLastName.Text<BR> rs.Tables["Client"].Rows[0]["PhoneNum"] = txtPhone.Text<BR> myDA.Update(rs,"Client");<BR>}<BR>catch (Exception ex)<BR>{<BR> Response.Write("Failed: " + ex.Message);<BR>}<BR>finally<BR>{<BR>Conn.Close(); <BR>}<BR><BR>I have mastered Auto-Generated InsertCommand and it works just fine with the code above and a few changes. So what am I missing?<BR><BR>If you need any more info please let me know...<BR>Help!<BR><BR>D Jacobs