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    Could anyone please tell me how can ASP connect to oracle and what version of oracle can ASP access -- oracle on NT platform? oracle on linux platform?

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    You can connect to Oracle on any platform as far as I know.<BR><BR>I connect to NT and Unix boxes.<BR><BR>Be warned that the Oracle ODBC seems to have problems so use the Microsoft Oracle ODBC.<BR>

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    After your dba has installed Oracle 8i, from a developer perspective, the tnsnames file will provide the key to <BR>link to the Oracle tables using your standard ODBC connection.<BR>The Service name in the definition would be referenced when you define an an System DSN using an Oracle ODBC configuration. (Settings; Control panel; ODBC)<BR>Here&#039s a sample tnsames entry:<BR><BR># C:ORACLEORA81NETWORKADMINTNSNAMES.ORA Configuration File:C:OracleOra81NETWORKADMIN nsnames.ora<BR># Generated by Oracle Net8 Assistant<BR><BR>CCADEV01.COM =<BR> (DESCRIPTION =<BR> (ADDRESS_LIST =<BR> (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(PORT = 1521)(HOST = dev_db01))<BR> )<BR> (CONNECT_DATA =<BR> (SERVICE_NAME = dev01.dms)<BR> )<BR> )<BR><BR>Here&#039s some asp code to reference the connection named dms_staging:<BR>set cmd = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")<BR>cmd.Active Connection = Session("DMS_Staging") &#039If you are using Interdev define a data environment connection command string and copy it from global.asa to replace the above session variable<BR><BR>sql = "SELECT * FROM Table "<BR>cmd.CommandText = sql<BR>set rs = cmd.Execute<BR>

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