After much searching thru MSDN and many other example sites, I have come to the conclusion that nobody writes back to a database from a dataset in ASP.Net, they only write back to an XML file as every example I have found on the subject does this.<BR><BR><BR>I need to insert/update into a datbase.<BR><BR>I have a cached data set called "CachedDSet". The number of rows in the dataset will vary, but the field ID&#039;s are constant and they are<BR><BR>SiteName<BR>SiteAddress<BR>SitePhoneNo< BR><BR>I have a table called Tbl_SiteInfo in an MS Access 2000 database with field names that are the same as above.<BR><BR>I can display the cached dataset quite successfully via <BR><BR> DataGrid1.DataSource = CachedDSet<BR> DataGrid1.DataBind()<BR><BR>but I can&#039;t get my head around how to write the data I have displayed back to the database.<BR><BR>Can anybody help me on this pls.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>aj<BR><BR>