i&#039;ve been trying at this thing all day and can&#039;t figure it out, so i thought i&#039;d submit it here to see if anyone else can get me going in the right direction.<BR><BR>i&#039;m trying to create a complex (for me, at least) datagrid. please bear with me as i try to explain this, and feel free to ask questions if something isn&#039;t totally clear...<BR><BR>the application is a stock-picking contest where for a given week users can select stocks in their portfolio to be &#039;active&#039;. certain stocks can universally be &#039;locked&#039; so their status cannot be changed for the given week.<BR><BR>- i want a column that, for EVERY row has a dropdownlist. (stock is a primary stock, secondary stock, or inactive)<BR><BR>- i want to conditionally fill this dropdownlist based on the value of another column in the row. (if the stock is locked, only allow &#039;inactive&#039;)<BR><BR>- i want to be able to figure out a summary of the values for all dropdownlists in the entire datagrid when a submit button is clicked. once the dropdownlist is in each row, how do i access the values for each individual selected item?<BR><BR>i&#039;ve tried to use a templatecolumn, putting a dropdownlist, then filling it in the &#039;ondatabinding&#039; event handler for the DATAGRID, but this doesn&#039;t seem to be working at all. all the examples i see with dropdownlists in datagrids are for either add forms or edit forms. can somebody please help me out here? <BR><BR>again, feel free to ask further questions if my description isn&#039;t clear....!<BR><BR>thanks in advance!!!