Just starting to make this and currious which would be better way...<BR>I know regex can be slow if used improperly.... so here goes...<BR><BR>With very large text, to be inserted in database....<BR><BR>There can be many many patterns that could be in there to be replaced... but an exact match would determine what it will be replaced with...<BR><BR>SO should one use a regex to search the full text for each pattern 1 by 1?<BR><BR>Or would it be better to design a generic pattern that regex could find approximate matches, like using brackets [[to be found]]<BR><BR>And then loop through the colum matches, compare each colum match to find the specific match and value to be replaced with, then call a replace that comun match approprately?<BR><BR>I sure 2nd way would be a bit tedius to do, but im thinking if one was to search text with 100 different regex&#039;s would be a bit slow...<BR><BR>Or would it be too little to notice?