No Run Time and Server CPU Fees (TierDeveloper 4.0

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Thread: No Run Time and Server CPU Fees (TierDeveloper 4.0

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    Default No Run Time and Server CPU Fees (TierDeveloper 4.0

    Alachisoft TierDeveloper is an O/R mapping and code generation tool that helps software developers do better, more creative and useful work by reducing redundant hand coding. TierDeveloper lets you map your .Net data components against relational tables and also incorporate business rules.<BR><BR>Free 30 days trial available at: <BR> <BR><BR>TierDeveloper has a FREE 30-day evaluation version available on AlachiSoft website. Pricing information is also available there. NO RUNTIME FEES, NO SERVER-CPU FEES, and NO DEPLOYMENT FEES charged by TierDeveloper. Customers only pay for <BR>developer licenses.<BR><BR>Related Links<BR>-------------------------------------------------------------<BR> Online Demos<BR> AlachiSoft website<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Hey, spammer!

    If you want advertising, ****ing pay for it. Freeloader

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