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    Help! I’m trying to get popups to work in I’m Using the following javascript code in a sub, but I can’t get the PopupWindow to work. At first I thought the routine wasn’t working but it is. It looks like it’s the that’s not working. I have site popup allowed turned on, if I replace with alert it works, if I put the code in the html code it works. Any suggestions? <BR><BR>Dim PopupScript As String = "&#060;script language=&#039;javascript&#039;&#062;" & _<BR> ";popup.aspx&#039;, &#039;CustomPopUp&#039;, " & _<BR> "&#039;height=550, width=550, menubar=no, resizable=no&#039;);" & _<BR> "&#060;/script&#062;"<BR> Me.RegisterStartupScript("PopupScript", PopupScript)<BR>

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    Default Already answered.

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