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    hi my clients hosting company doesnt support any component so they gave me the idea of posting acceptor. i checked online for it and i want to know that is the following code enough for it cuz this code doesnt have any server side code. and when i tried the following code on my pc it[win 2k server is my OS] it didnt prompted my any error neither it uploaded any file.<BR>========================================= ===================<BR>&#060;%<BR>if err&#060;&#062;"" then<BR> response.write err.description<BR>end if<BR><BR>%&#062;<BR>&#060;form enctype="multipart/form-data" method="POST" action="http://localhost/Scripts/CPSHOST.DLL?publish"&#062;<BR><BR><BR>&#060;INPUT TYPE="file" name="file1"&#062;<BR><BR><BR><BR>&#060;input type="hidden" name="TargetURL" value="localhost/uploads"&#062; <BR>&#060;INPUT TYPE="submit" value="Upload"&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;/form&#062;<BR>==================================== ===========================

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    Look up "file uploading with ASP" on Google. There are plenty of tutorials out there.

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