I want to return a match on the<BR>"/80 dst (www.bob.com)" portion and<BR>also the "/80" and "(www.bob.com)" portions as submatches<BR><BR>the "/80" and "www.bob.com)" portions need to be optional<BR><BR>If I use a pattern like below <BR>(/d+)(.+?)((.+?))<BR>this this works fine if both submacthes exist<BR><BR>But if I try to make the say the third submatch optional<BR>(/d+)(.+?)((.+?))?<BR><BR>then it works fine on <BR>"blah blah /80 dst www.bob.com blah blah" <BR>ie, where the third match doens&#039;t exist<BR><BR>but fails on the original<BR>"blah blah /80 dst (www.bob.com) blah blah"<BR>as it no longer picks up the "www.bob.com" portion<BR><BR>What have I missed?<BR><BR>Ceers<BR><BR>Dave