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    Yog Guest

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    I got myself a book of Professional Asp 3.0 which says i need to have windows 2000 installed bundled with IIS-5.0. Now i have a Win 98 machine with PWS running to support my ASP files.I am at home and itz a normal desktop machine.Please tell me if my asp 3.0 files wont run under a PWS.<BR><BR>Guide me please.

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    Ily Guest

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    As far as the documentation states.. ASP 3 will only run on IIS5<BR><BR>IIS5 comes with windows 2000.<BR><BR>So ASP3 wont work with win98. <BR><BR>Unless microsoft make ASP3 a seperate downloadable component - so that you can download in and install it over ASP2 chances are that you will be stuck with what you have got. <BR><BR>But the language syntax will be the same - I guess so you could still learn ASP from your desktop machine.<BR><BR>Hope this helps<BR><BR>

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    ahbao Guest

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    if you install latest version of PWS for win98, think should run most of the asp script. This depends on what u need, I run script related to database, PWS is enough for me

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