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    Will a page be as slow to load when it's going thru a Web hosting service & implemented for the public to access as it is in testing with my local host? I'm using Windows XP Pro, IIS, .NET Framework SDK, ASP.Net, Web Matrix Project, VB.Net, & an Access database. The page I'm concerned about retrieves 22 questions from the database (which, for testing, is very small) & displays them, each with its own set of 5 radio buttons. All the radio buttons are making even the "design tab" horribly slow to come up. I'm wondering if I should display just one question, with the 5 radio buttons, at a time. Will it be this slow in production?

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    Depends. Quantify "horribly slow".<BR><BR>I would say that there&#039;s probably little difference between the speed of it running on your system (assuming you have very little else running) and it running on an equivalent spec hosting machine.<BR><BR>Craig.

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