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    Default Thanks, Bill

    Bill:<BR><BR>Just wanted to extend an even greater-than-normal thanks for all your help in the js forum. It is appreciated.<BR><BR>Kurt

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    Default Bath him...

    Bath him and drinks the water<BR><BR>For me Bill represents two things<BR><BR>1. An Important people to role with, he knows almost everything<BR>2. An advice of computers evolution, since he is an alive dinosaur (I&#039;m only an ant)

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    Default LOL!!! I like that!

    " alive dinosaur..."<BR><BR>WOW! But the question is, what kind of dinosaur? Tyrannosaurus Rex or Diplodocus? (Or more likely some insignificant little unnamed runt?)<BR><BR>HEH! But according to at least one theory, the "living dinosaurs" among us are the birds. Hmmm...makes sense. I&#039;ve always felt like a bird-brain.

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