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    I use access database and with sql string: <BR>"insert into table1 (a,b) values (&#039 1&#039, &#039 2&#039)"<BR>I&#039m adding new records to my database. That works fine, but, the new records are placing at begining of my table, not on the end. Why is that? I need to put new records on the end of the table.<BR>

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    why exacly? access (and all relational databases for that matter) depend on the fact that the rows within a table are unordered in storage. if you need to get records out in the order they were put in create an extra database column called CREATED or something, of type datetime and with default value GetDate().(not too sure what the access equivalent of SQL Server GetDate() is, but it must have one)then, when you fetch the data, use ORDER BY CREATED ( & ASC or DESC, depending on which way around you want it ordered).

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