i am currently developing a application the users might update a row in the table at the same thime...but the roew can be update only once..i have column name issue where if it is update the the value will change from 0 to 1...<BR>what i do now is i check whether the value of the issue is change..but i still encounter some problem:<BR>1)After i check the value of Issue is still 0, i proceed to update it if it is not 1<BR>2)how would i know whether during the update, the record has been update by someone else<BR>3)can the conn response whether the update of the row is success or not<BR>my sql statement is as below:<BR> update as_transaction set issue=1 where issue=0 and transid=item1<BR> so, can the connection tell me whether the table is being update or not?? thanks to u all if u r free to give me advice on it!<BR>