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    I have two sites that use the same underlying code. That is, for key tables there is a field called SiteID which identifies which is which.<BR><BR>There are differences in the text on the static pages, but the dynamic pages are substantially the same.<BR><BR>At the moment they are two distinct sites. So if I change a file I have to copy it onto the other site too.<BR><BR>I am worried about inadvertently copying over a file on one site that should be left as it is... <BR><BR>Any advice on the best way to manage the files welcome!<BR>

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    Default Well no sure way

    there will always be human error<BR><BR><BR>as long as you have checks and balances in place you will be ok...what i do (i have something similar) i ALWAYS have a backup so before i copy a file i take a backup of the existing file and then copy the new one over so if i realize that i screwed up, i simply owerwrite the new file<BR><BR>

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