Hi All!<BR><BR>The FTP service isn&#039;t installed on our intranet server (and I&#039;d prefer not to have to go about installing it), we use webdav instead.<BR><BR>Problem is that when I configure a site that I want people to be able to upload and download documents from with read/write/dirbrowsing it won&#039;t allow the upload or download of files. <BR><BR>The documentation says that webdav uses http, not ftp (I think, correct me if I&#039;m wrong) so I don&#039;t see why it won&#039;t allow this. <BR><BR>I&#039;ve even gone as far as setting up a website for remote addminstrating via the iisadmin virtual dir, but it looks like half the components were never installed (God I wish I&#039;d been around to do the install!).<BR><BR>Basically, what I&#039;d like to know is whether the docs I&#039;ve got are lying to me and I do need the FTP service to upload/download/create directories via a web browser.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.