hi,<BR>1.i use aspupload and sometimes aspsmartupload components for uploading files.I am not 100% satisfied with them<BR>What is the best way (you think) for FREE upload solution in asp?<BR><BR>-the same question/problem i have about download. I want to control the maximum users connect to download a file etc. Which is the best compo for that? Free compo...<BR><BR>-and a question about weather:<BR>i use a &#039;parallel&#039; way of getting info about weather.I grab the page of a weather site and &#039;shape&#039; and &#039;format&#039; it that way so i show in my page only the things i want (ofcourse i mention where i get the info) ... is there a better freeware way ?<BR><BR>:)) <BR><BR>thnx!