hi, dear all:<BR><BR>I am trying to develop an asp application,but I met trouble when<BR>I set the key field for the table named news.<BR>I want to users submit news to that table, you know, it&#039s hard<BR>to define a key.<BR><BR>maybe autonumber(identity) field is a choice, but I am afraid that maybe cause some trouble later on, you know, autonumber is<BR>so troublesome when you want to merge two tables and each of them<BR>with related table using autonumber table as ref-key.<BR><BR>I want to use the following fomular to generate a unique key for<BR>each record:<BR> <BR>xxxxxx yyyymmddhhmmss<BR> 1 2<BR>1: user ip address in hex<BR>2: submit date/time at server<BR><BR>totally 20 char.<BR> <BR>could you please give me some advise on this?<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>