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    i have customer name in &#060;a&#062; tag with href=# in a &#060;table&#062;. onclick i want to pass the customer name to the next .asp page. in 2nd page i want to get other information from sql-tables for the selected customer and show on the screen.<BR><BR>presently, onclick i am storing the customer name in a hidden box on the 1st page. again on the 1st page onclicking a submit button i am passing the value to next .asp page and displaying the details. i am clicking twice. can i get my job done on one sigle click ?<BR>

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    Default Why don't you put the...

    ...selected customer into the querystring of the &#060;a&#062; tag, as you&#039;re writing out your table with customer names. Then you only need one click and you can get the customer name on the second page from the querystring:<BR><BR>1st Page:<BR><BR>1. Loop through customer names<BR>2. Write out &#060;a&#062; tag: &#060;a href="nextpage.asp?custname=&#060;%=Server.URLEnco de(Recordset("custname"))%&#062;"&#062;<BR>3. Write out customer name<BR>4. Next row in table<BR>5. Go back to 1 until all names written out<BR><BR>2nd Page:<BR><BR>1. Read in customer name from querystring (Request.QueryString("custname")<BR><BR>Oliver.

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