Hi,<BR><BR>If I want to update a number of records in two or more access db, I can think of two way to do so:<BR>1. Using ADO, open the table in Pessimistic or Optimistic mode, wrap the Updates in transaction, check for update error and finally commit the changes.<BR><BR>2. Using SQL UPDATE, wrap updates inside transaction, and for each UPDATE statement, check against a timestamp field to make sure no one has change it, commit if all update success.<BR><BR>For 1, if I display form for edit in one asp, and update in another asp, since saving a recordset object in session variable is not a good idea, so any way can I make sure than no change has been made during the edit page and update page?<BR><BR>For 2, I can prevent the problem as in 1, but is it in general a better approach? I mean using SQL for update......<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>