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Thread: MS Windows Server 2000 / SQL Server 2000 problem..

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    Default MS Windows Server 2000 / SQL Server 2000 problem..

    Hi all, <BR><BR>We are having a problem with MS Windows Server 2000 and SQL Server 2000. I will give a brief description, and see whether someone can shed some light on it. <BR><BR>For some reason our Win 2000 Web server tries to connect to MS SQL 2000 database server but the Timeout Expired error occurs. It tends to be when SQL Server 2000 is using more than 1 GB of memory. Stopping and restarting the SQL Server and SQL Server Agent Services fixes the problem.<BR><BR>Some of you may say, it must be a memory issue, but we&#039;ve recently upgraded the PC from 512 MB to 2.5 GB ram. Has anyone come across this problem and found a fix, we&#039;ve checked MSDN and just about everywhere else and I figured I would ask here as most of you are familiar or experts in this environment. <BR><BR>Some people have recommended upgrading to Win Server 2003 with high spec machine and 4 GB, but that is not an option at the moment. <BR><BR>Server Specs are:<BR>-----------------<BR>P3 1266<BR>RAM 2.5<BR>Mirrored 50 GIG SCSI HD&#039;s<BR>Windows 2000 Server SP4<BR><BR>Thanks in advance <BR><BR>James

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    Default You are not alone

    I have noticed on our servers we are now getting a lot of Timeouts that never occurred before....<BR><BR>same amount of data (roughly) just it tends to timeout, i believe but have not confirmed that there is a &#039;bug&#039; in the most recent patch that was applied to the Win Server.

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    Default I recommend....

    *Not* upgrading until you&#039;ve found the issue, and verified that it&#039;s due to inadequate hardware. <BR><BR>One possible casue that immediate leaps to mind, is that you may be leaking connections, and the app is timing out whilst waiting to get one from the pool. <BR><BR>Is the CPU pegged when the timeouts occur? <BR><BR>Is Sql Agent running any jobs?<BR><BR>Are there any other application running on that machine? If so, check to see if they&#039;re eating up memory, and/or CPU time. <BR><BR>What kind of activity do you see if you run a profiler trace on the SQL Server? Anything that looks unusual, or that&#039;s taxing the machine?<BR><BR>Have you defragged the DBs, and rebuilt the indexes lately?<BR><BR>Just a few things to look at, to start...

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