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    I have a field that I need to be a datetime field, but the date will not be added when the record is created, it will be added later when the date is cleared....<BR><BR>Let be a little more specific, I am writing an invoice program, I am going to have an InvoiceDate field, and a PaymentDate field, the invoice date field will have a value when the record is created and the invoice is sent out, but, there cant be a payment date, because, well the payment was not recieved yet. So in the meantime, what do I put in that datetime field? I cant put like NA, that would cause an error, could I put like 1/1/1900? and any invoice with that date be an unpaid invoice?<BR><BR>I dont want to have to change the datetime to a string.

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    Default Just leave it untouched and...

    ...don&#039;t put anything in. That would mean the field value remains null (unless you have specified a default value, of course) and you can check that with IsNull() or such like functions.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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