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    is this possable? I need to refresh a page from anougher page, which is not a direct child. Any ideas?

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    Default May or may not be able to...

    First of all, not by window *TITLE*. But by window *NAME*. The name given in <BR> url, NAME )<BR>or the name a window gives itself with<BR> = "framitz";<BR><BR>Anyway, what you *can* do is<BR> var w = "", "framitz" );<BR>and then look to see if your w window has any content in it. [If there&#039;s no window by that name, you&#039;ll be opening a blank window and giving it that name. If you realize that is what happened, simply close the blank window immediately.]<BR><BR>HOWEVER...<BR><BR>If the window was created by some other web site, you won&#039;t be able to do anything with it.<BR><BR>

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