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    Hello. This is probably super-simple for you guys.<BR>My form has fields that don&#039t necessarily require filling. If I leave a field blank, then submit the form, I get the error:<BR>Field &#039...&#039 cannot be a zero-length string. <BR>How do I get around this?<BR>Thanks heaps<BR>Paul

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    Looks like you use MS Access. Go to your Access database and click Design View. Change field property to "Allow zero length"<BR><BR>Jimmy Wang

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    very simple paul. two ways really, 1: do some funky asp **** that somehow makes it stop the error or what i suggest: use javascript to check if form is valid.<BR><BR>i am a newbie at asp but a major pro at JS. if u need more help email me k? jamesshubin@sympatico.ca

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