Hello everyone,<BR><BR>I have a ToDo List which is created as follows :<BR>* The main component being used here is a repeater control.<BR>* Each row of the ToDo List spits out a basic HTML table row.<BR>* Each column is sortable, when clicked upon it.<BR>* Each row has a checkbox associated with it.<BR>* You can perform an action on the selected rows by clicking the corresponding button.<BR><BR>My main problem is this :<BR>While this setup works fine for a low volume of data, it goes crazy for a large volume - like say 200 rows of data.<BR>Recently, we did some volume testing in our office and the todo list would take 3-4 minutes to load 100 - 150 rows of data.<BR><BR>I need to optimize this setup.<BR>Maybe Paging ?<BR>Any ideas on how to optimize this, would be highly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR> ajax<BR>