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Thread: MS SQL or MY SQL

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    I am looking for a hosting company right now and I can&#039t figure out if I want to use one that supports MS SQL or MY SQ. Can anyone tell me which is better to use?<BR><BR>Does anyone know where to get good cheap hosting for ASP and which ever is the best database program?<BR><BR>Thanks for all of the help!!!!!

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    Default RE: MS SQL or MY SQL<BR><BR>best cheap hosting i&#039ve come across(free in fact if you can put up with access, or something negligible like $12 a month if you want a 30 meg SQL server DB)<BR><BR>as much as i hate to promote anything microsoft make, IMHO SQL Server is the best database product out there, at least for web related stuff. don&#039t forget that ASP, VBScript, ADO, ActiveX, COM and all the other stuff you need for decent online data driven apps. are all microsoft technologies as well and, compatibility wise, you can&#039t go far wrong if you avoid mixing technologies as much as possible.<BR>

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