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    In a file, CodeBehindMyMatch.vb, I have some statements like:<BR> Imports System<BR> Imports System.Web.UI<BR> Imports System.Web.UI.WebControls<BR> Imports System.Web.UI.WebControls.HtmlControls<BR> Public Class CodeBehindMyMatch<BR> Inherits Page<BR> Sub ... (VB code to collect info from a cookie)<BR> End Sub<BR> End Class<BR>In that code, I&#039;m using the standard VB Function MID(), but I get an error message that it hasn&#039;t been declared.

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    Have you added Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic?

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    ..why move to .NET and use all the old VB6 stuff? The String Class has the SubString() Function that will do the same thing without having to bother with importing/using another namespace/dll. Sure, it is fine to use Microsoft.VisualBasic and the Mid() Function, but... I dunno... I just prefer to move forward. <BR><BR>

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