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    are there any good tutorials with the creation of a simple SQL server database and a simple asp script printing out the results?<BR><BR>I&#039;ve been developing a lot of access driven asp sites for a while and feel a bit confused by SQL server (like... why is there no autonumber to select for column types..)<BR><BR>I feel I could pick it up if theres a simple sql server and asp tutorial somewhere...<BR><BR>:S<BR><BR>please help!

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    Well, if you&#039;re familar with ASP development using Access, then I don&#039;t know that&#039;s there&#039;s a whole lot for you to learn on the ASP side for SQL Server. A few things here and there, such as creating a command object that can interact with a stored procedure, for instance, but for the most part the ASP/ADO code will be the same.<BR><BR>It sounds like what will help you the most is a good SQL Server reference. I don&#039;t know, off the top of my head of any real beginner SQL Server sites, but there certainly are some good articles and tidbits out there on sites like,,, and I&#039;m sure others. <BR><BR>You might also look for a good book to develop a solid base. Professional SQL Server 2000 Programming is one that I particularly like. Inside Sql Server 2000, and Sql Server 2000 Unleashed are two other excellent titles that coven a wide range of the basics as well as some advanced material. <BR><BR>There *is* autonumber functionality in Sql Server...It&#039;s just not disguised as a data type as it is in Access. Create an INTEGER column, and set it to be an IDENTITY column. You can set the seed and increment values (a seed and increment of 1 will give it the same behavior as the Access Autonumber) and you now have an automatically incrementing column.

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