Hi! I am terrible with Javascript and I was wondering if someone could help me with a problem I have. I want to have two list boxes on a form. When you pick an element in one, the other displays a list related to what was picked in the first. Do you follow? Ok here is the kicker though. I know how to hard code it, however, I need to create it on the fly.. in an ASP page. I found a tutorial at this address: http://www.atgconsulting.com/doublelist.asp<BR>However, I don&#039t really follow this too well. I can get mine to work partially, but I know that I am doing something wrong. <BR>If some kind person out there would take a look at that and explain it to me as though I knew absolutely nothing about it, I would be very very very very very greatful. MANY THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!!<BR><BR>-Stew