Just in case the audience is a bit different here, does anybody know how to give ADSI a serious speed boost, esp. when opening groups and using the .isMember? <BR><BR>My last batch of numbers was 5 seconds for a mid-sized group, 2 seconds for a user-property display, and 6 seconds to tell if that user was in that group. I&#039ve also seen a spread of 5/1/11 on the same script (same user, same group). (server is NT4 sp 5, PPro 200 @ 80 MB ram)<BR><BR>Will any of the following help:<BR>1) Win2K (because it&#039s fundamentally ADSI)<BR>2) More RAM (because the groups get cached or something)<BR>3) More CPU (because that&#039s the only option left)<BR>4) Giving up on ADSI (because none of the above will help)<BR>5) Something Else (please specify)<BR><BR>Thanks!