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    Hello - <BR><BR>I am getting ready to build a small online app that will be used during a brief period by 150 users (not ALL at once, but plenty!)These users will be inserting or editing data in a database (Access or SQl - to be decided)<BR><BR>Curious as to where I can look to see how ASP.Net/ADO handles such a scenario - heavy usage. <BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>Dan B

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    Default Ehhh...150 wouldn't be too heavy...

    ...of usage. What&#039;s important is how many times a second (on average, at peak usage) one of those users will be hitting the SUBMIT button on the HTML page and causing the server to do some DB work. And, of course, how MUCH db work then has to be done.<BR><BR>Access on a 2GHz machine with say 1GB of memory can probably handle 10 to 15 operations per second, or more depending on how much work each operation does.<BR><BR>When people talk about "heavy usage" in a Web server scenario, they are usually talking 100 or more page hits per second. And it&#039;s really really really hard to imagine that 150 users, total, could even *close* to that.<BR><BR>

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