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Thread: showModalDialog and "Permission Denied" Error

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    Default showModalDialog and "Permission Denied" Error

    Guys--<BR><BR>I developed an application that uses a ton of modal dialog boxes; all works well if you are using IE on a machine that has Windows 2000 or Windows XP sp1...<BR><BR>I&#039;ve recently upgraded to Windows XP sp2 and am now getting a "Permission Denied" error when my modal dialog boxes open and try to execute JavaScript from within the dialog...<BR><BR>When I open a dialog I open a generic page that contains an iframe in which I then use to load a ASPX page within the iframe...<BR><BR>on the ASPX page that gets loaded there could potentially be various JavaScript functions that are called for various purposes...<BR><BR>It&#039;s when one of these scripts are called that I get the "Permission Denied" error...<BR><BR>All this occurs on the same domain so I wouldn&#039;t think security would be an issue but...<BR><BR>Anyone have any ideas why this might be occurring..??

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    Default If it only happened after you installed...

    ...the SP2 and it works on other Windows 2000 and Windows XP SP1 machines, then it&#039;s most probably to do with the SP2. I&#039;ve heard lots about it causing problems for a lot of programs, because it locks down so many things that were open previously. Even Microsoft own products have problems and need "correcting" to make them work, so it&#039;s possible that the error you&#039;re getting is connected to these changes.<BR><BR>Might be worth doing a search on the Microsoft website or even give Microsoft a ring. :-)<BR><BR>Good luck,<BR>Oliver.

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