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    Here is something I want to do with an datagrid and I have no idea how to do it. Please help.<BR>I have a datagrid of names and phone numbers that looks like this:<BR><BR>-----------------<BR>Mr Smith 555-1000<BR>-----------------<BR>Mr Doe 555-2000<BR>-----------------<BR>Ms Doe 555-3000<BR>-----------------<BR><BR>When a row is clicked, I want expand that row to show more info on that person and should look like this if Mr Doe is clicked:<BR><BR>-----------------<BR>Mr Smith 555-1000<BR>-----------------<BR>Mr Doe 555-2000<BR> FirstName: John<BR> Age: 35<BR> Pager: 555-9000<BR>-----------------<BR>Ms Doe 555-3000<BR>-----------------<BR><BR>I did this in classic asp using DIVs & client side javascript. What&#039;s a .NET way to do it? Thanks.

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