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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;m having tough time in figuring out this problem. I have IIS 5.0 running on WIN XP Prof OS and a simple asp page under &#039;MyWeb&#039; Virtual Directory. When i&#039;m trying to open asp page, "Invalid Default Script Language" error shows up.<BR><BR>I changed the default scripting language to VBScript for my Virtual Directory and also included &#060;%@ Language="VBScript" %&#062; in my code. What other settings do i have to change? I didn&#039;t assign IP Address for my virtual directory and will this count? Any suggestions please? <BR><BR>-Thanu<BR>

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    invalid default scripting language - meaning the MMC option, not the declaration in your page, I suspect.<BR><BR>make sure your script engines are up to date :<BR><BR>

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