on postbacks- can they be avoided?

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Thread: on postbacks- can they be avoided?

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    i&#039;ve developed a few sites now using asp.net and want to start looking more closely at the finer points of implementation details. <BR><BR>one thing that has always stuck with me was asp.net&#039;s dependence on postbacks when changing state. this happens when sorting a datagrid, clicking on a button, etc. <BR><BR>the main problem i have with this is that a user refresh prompts for a retry/cancel when really the user might just want to refresh the data on the page. in my mind, the ideal case would be for asp.net to perform the action and then reload the page cleanly (after which the user can freely refresh with no prompt to resend the information. <BR><BR>in the old asp days, i would accomplish this by posting to some processing page which was pure script, perform whatever action (db insertion, etc), then redirect back. maybe stylistically this wasn&#039;t the best way to go about doing things, but it accomplished the primary goal of the site- clean navigation that was always updatable with a refresh.<BR><BR>asp.net has done wonders as far as what you can do. onevent handling, sortable datagrids, etc... all handled in one page is really nice. but now there is the non-refreshable page problem for me...<BR><BR>is there any way to get around this? should event handlers redirect while using the querystring? should session variables be used? i&#039;m not sure if this is a problem for anyone else, but i&#039;d love to hear various other people&#039;s takes on what the best practices are.<BR><BR>enlighten me and help me clean up my apps! <BR><BR>thanks in advance.

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    i think you should go away from .NET if you cant deal with postback.....<BR><BR>it&#039;d be like taking the engine out of a car and expecting it to run

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