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    My ASP page uses an access 2000 database. Everything works great for sometime minutes and then all of a sudden i get this error:<BR><BR>Provider (0x80004005)<BR>Unspecified error<BR>whatever.asp, Line #<BR><BR>And it always points to my (RS.Open, dbConn) Line? I close my connection and set my recordset to nothing on each page?<BR><BR>Is there something jacked up with my IIS or what? I would think it wouldn&#039;t be in my code as it works in my local machine with IIS installed <BR>

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    this probably shouldn&#039;t be in the advanced forum. if it&#039;s not in the FAQs by now it should be.<BR><BR>make sure you&#039;re using an up-to-date MDAC and check the FAQs

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