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    When a user logs on to our site, I check their id agains the other ids in an application variable and then tell the person whether or not there are any other logged on members. I would like to make it a link where they can click it to open up a list of the other members online and if they click on a members name, initate an IM session or some type of chat. Is this possible to do in .net or do you think I'll have to just look for a 3rd party chat service? Thanks.

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    But the problem is that they&#039;d end up going through your server on every message if you based it on ASP.NET. If your site isn&#039;t another, that&#039;s probably okay. Chat is a pretty light duty application. BUT... But using ASP.NET, it would have to be strictly a "polling" on the part of the client to get new messages.<BR><BR>It&#039;s probably better to look into the MS messaging service and see if you could tie into it somehow.<BR><BR>

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