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    Default Nested repeat region

    I have 3 related tables, where each successive table store the related ID of<BR>the previous table:<BR><BR>Level1 (level1id)<BR>Level2(level1ID, Level2ID)<BR>Level3(Level1ID, Level2ID, Level3ID)<BR><BR>I would like to print out the something like the following results:<BR><BR>Level1A<BR> Level2A<BR> Level2B<BR> Level3A<BR>Level1B<BR> Level2C<BR> Level2D<BR> Level3B<BR><BR>Basically a tiered nested repeat with related tables. Any hints on doing<BR>this?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Default A couple of simple joins

    that should do the trick...what do you ahve so far?<BR>

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