Hi working in ASP.NET .<BR><BR>I am getting prob in update.I am doing filter in my data view and assiging the new values to my filtered row.<BR><BR>finally saving the data set.But after assiging the values to dataview because of some reason my database updation is failed but still my dataview containing the new assigned values only.I am not getting how to roll back the new assigned values.here is my code pl help me<BR><BR><BR> dvCPMT = dsCPMT.Tables[ "AP_CPMT" ].DefaultView ;<BR> <BR> dvCPMT.RowFilter = string.Format(@"CPMTName = &#039;{0}&#039; and JVCode= &#039;{1}&#039; ",oldname,oldjvcode) ;<BR> if ( dvCPMT.Count==1)<BR> { <BR> <BR> dvCPMT[0]["IDD"] = IDD;<BR> dvCPMT[0]["Ducom"] = Ducom;<BR> dvCPMT[0]["Email"] = Email;<BR> dvCPMT[0]["SBU"] = SBU;<BR> dvCPMT[0]["JVCode"] = JVCode;<BR> dvCPMT[0]["Country"] = Country;<BR> dvCPMT[0]["SiteName"] = SiteName;<BR> <BR> this.dataCPMT.SavesDataDataSet();<BR> dsCPMT = this.dataCPMT.CPMT();<BR> this.dg_bind( );<BR> this.DataBind( );<BR> }<BR><BR><BR> internal void SavesDataDataSet( )<BR> {<BR> if (null != dsCPMT)<BR> {<BR> <BR> if (dsCPMT.HasChanges(DataRowState.Added))<BR> {<BR> UpdatesiteTypeDataSet(DataRowState.Added);<BR> }<BR> <BR> if (dsCPMT.HasChanges(DataRowState.Modified))<BR> {<BR> <BR> UpdatesiteTypeDataSet(DataRowState.Modified);<BR> }<BR> if (dsCPMT.HasChanges(DataRowState.Deleted ))<BR> {<BR> UpdatesiteTypeDataSet(DataRowState.Deleted);<BR> }<BR> // Accept the changes to the Qtype dataset in memory.<BR> this.dsCPMT.AcceptChanges();<BR> }<BR> else<BR> throw (new Exception("Qtype dataset is null."));<BR> }<BR><BR><BR>