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    I have been using VInterdev and front page for creating of ASP pages,but I am getting good results if I use IE,But if I open with Netscape I am not getting good results ,alignment is changing,size is changing some times text boxes are not visible with Netscape etc,Why is it so?

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    This headache is just part of the field. Netscape & IE don&#039t display things similarly, that&#039s just the breaks.<BR><BR>As far as the text boxes not appearing, in Netscape, any and all form elements (text boxes, select boxes, text areas, etc.) must be inbetween &#060;FORM> and &#060;/FORM>, else they won&#039t be displayed. Good luck, and sorry about the browser issue, it&#039s just a hassle that we&#039ve all gotta deal with!

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