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    I am sadanand.I was searching for some help on the net,I got the article written by you.It is fentastic one, the details and the URL is and the heading is How ASP.NET Web Pages are Processed on the Web Server By Scott Mitchell I have some confussion I hope you will clear it.I am not understanding the role of the inetinfo.exe , aspnet_isapi.dll and aspnet_wp.exe pertaining to the above discussion and where exactly they take part.where exactly the aspnet_wp.exe come in to picture.<BR>Thanks <BR>sadananda

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    doesn&#039;t the article explain this clearly enough?<BR><BR>inetinfo.exe is the web server process.<BR><BR>aspnet_isapi.dll is an isapi extension which takes charge of handling requests to ASP.NET resources.<BR>aspnet_wp.exe is the worker process which handles the actual processing

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