am retrieving an data file from a url using Microsoft.XMLHTTP. The problem is the file has a ® symbol that will make my OpenTextFile fail when I try to write the file locally. I tried doing a replace and that didn&#039;t work and then I thought I had it when I did a server.HTMLEncode but of course that encoded everything it could like the &#062; and &#060; of html tags that are in the description so that&#039;s just as bad. Anyone know how I get rid of the ® symbols. The file I am retrieving is<BR><BR>the code im using is as follows<BR>&#039;get the file from the supplier<BR>set objHttp =Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")<BR> "GET", "", false <BR> objHttp.Send strReply<BR> httpResponseText = objHttp.responseText<BR> httpResponseText = replace(httpResponseText,"®","")<BR> set objHttp = nothing<BR><BR>&#039;write the file<BR>File_Path = Server.MapPath("../files/")<BR> File_Full_Path = File_Path&"\"&"file.txt"<BR> Set FileObject =Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") <BR> set MyFile=FileObject.OpenTextFile(File_Full_Path,2,tr ue)<BR> MyFile.WriteLine(httpResponseText)<BR> Set FileObject = nothing <BR> Myfile.close<BR><BR>thanks for your help.