Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;m working with an OleDbConnection object, and running some queries that try to insert some data into a database.<BR><BR>If the data to be inserted is invalid, I want to catch the error. Now, it&#039;s easy enough to catch the OleDbException, but I noticed that an OleDbException object has a "Errors" property, which returns an OleDbErrorCollection.<BR><BR>What confuses me is this: How could there ever be more than 1 error when I&#039;m trying to insert data via an SQL query? Even if several fields contain bad data, an exception will be thrown after the first error, and the remaining errors will never be added to the OleDbErrorCollection object.<BR><BR>So why would I ever need to loop through the OleDbErrorCollection? Couldn&#039;t I always just access the error through<BR><BR>OleDbExcep.Errors[0]<BR><BR>Shouldn&#039;t that always give me the first error that occurred when trying to insert the data? In what instance would the OleDbErrorCollection ever contain additional OleDbError objects?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>-Steve