IIS restarting for no reason?

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Thread: IIS restarting for no reason?

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    Hi there,<BR><BR>I have a few COM DLLs that I have created for my web application. Now, it seems that my web server restart the application every once in a while on it&#039;s own!!!!! I don&#039;t understand why. here is the error that i am getting exactly when I view the website with a browser:<BR>HTTP ERROR 500-12 APPLICATION RESTARTING<BR><BR>I am not sure what i cna do to find out WHY this application had restarted on its own???? I am running other web applications and they are always running.<BR><BR>Could it be the COM application that I have cerated whihc interacts lots with this application??? How can I find out? This application has the scripts only/isolated(high) enabled for it.<BR><BR>Finally, my COM DLL is put in its OWN Component Service Package. Should I instead put it in the same IIS application Component Package? And what&#039;s the difference bwteen doing it either way? Jus trying to find out what&#039;s making the IIS application restart every once in a while on its own!<BR><BR>thanks.

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    hard to say without specifics - we get a lot of cases about these at work, and we generally tell folks to run iisdump.exe in crash mode to try and see where it&#039;s crashing. 90% of the time it&#039;s the fault of the COM DLLs so that&#039;s a good place to start.<BR><BR>

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