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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have 2 menus "Fund" and "Settle" in my ASP screen. On click they will call javascript functions fncFund(f) and fncSettle(f). Both functions will display pop-up screen and user can add some information. Under special conditions when the user clicks on "Settle" the system sould call fncFund(f) as well as fncSettle(f). I tried like this<BR><BR>function fncSettle(f) {<BR>// Check the special condition<BR>fncFund(f);<BR><BR>// logic for fncSettle<BR><BR>}<BR><BR>With this change when I click on "Settle" it is going into fncFund(f) but it is moving immediately to "Settle" screen not giving enough time to user to enter data in "Fund" screen. Is there any way we can hold the "fund" screen until user closes the window and then show "Settle" screen ? I really appreciate any suggestions.<BR><BR>Thanks much.

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    Default You'd have to program...

    ...something in the pop-up (i.e. the "fund" screen) that displays the "Settle" screen after the "fund" screen has been displayed. Obviously you only want this to happen in the special case, so you&#039;ll have to pass something to the pop-up "fund" screen (for example in the querystring) so that it know when to display the "Settle" screen and when not to do so.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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