Question: Does anybody know any speed tweaks for ADSI? Is it a whole lot faster on Windows 2000 compared to WinNT 4?<BR><BR>Problem (initial): I&#039m using ADSI (unless somebody knows of a faster, more certified method) to handle users in NT security. My old version had a database attached for quick look-up of user roles ("You&#039re on page X and the db says you can upload files for that group, here&#039s the form."), but there&#039s a lot of issues about users becoming non-existent on the NT side and then impossible to eliminate on the db side.<BR><BR>Solution: Switch to a pure ADSI solution and simply look up the user info as necessary.<BR><BR>Problem (with solution): It takes 19 seconds on my server to get ADSI to get a user verified against an NT group (NT 4). [+ another 11 if I want a name a human can read.] The actual users are stored on remote domain servers, but I have no control over that/those.<BR><BR>Question (restated): Is there any way to make ADSI go faster?<BR><BR>Thx.