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    I have a problem, How can I get the browse button with the file upload field on click of an image. This is my code on click of an image, currently I get a prompt where an user has to type in the URL of the image file or whatever needs to be uploaded. <BR><BR>function RichEdit_AddImage() {<BR> imagePath = prompt(&#039;Enter Image URL:&#039;, &#039;test://&#039;); <BR> if ((imagePath != null) && (imagePath != "")) {<BR> document.getElementById(this.EditName).contentWind ow.focus()<BR> document.getElementById(this.EditName).contentWind ow.document.execCommand(&#039;InsertImage&#039;, false, imagePath);<BR> }<BR> document.getElementById(this.EditName).contentWind ow.focus()<BR>}<BR><BR><BR>I tried adding the line like<BR>imagePath = (&#039;&#060;input type=file/&#062;&#039;); <BR>but didnt work.<BR>can anyone please direct me in the right direction.<BR><BR>thanks in advance.

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